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A Practical Approach to Surgeon Preservation

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Spine Deformity surgeons are at an increased risk of overuse injuries of the upper extremity and cervical spine. New EMG studies demonstrate traditional spine surgery with manual instruments places surgeons at risk for injury, and that use of power can dramatically decrease repetitive forces experienced by the surgeon. Similarly, the use of innovative powered surgical instruments has the potential to increase patient safety by decreasing the force placed on a patient’s spine, increasing the accuracy, and decreasing need for imaging.


Target Audience:

Spine surgeons (orthopaedic and neurological surgeons), residents, fellows, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify objective evidence that spine deformity surgeons are at risk for overuse injury
  2. Understand how power may decrease the risk of overuse injury in spine surgeons
  3. Appreciate the forces applied to a patient on manual versus power pedicle screw cannulation
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