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Comparing, Discussing, & Improving Surgical Performance through Quality Improvement Programs

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This one-hour Webinar will highlight practical applications of quality improvement registries dedicated to improving performance and patient outcomes in surgical treatment of spinal deformities. The QI programs include:

  • Surgeon Performance Program (SPP), a registry sponsored by the Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation (SSSF) that provides surgeons real-time reporting through ‘dashboard reports’ containing comparative practice data.
  • American Spine Registry (ASR), a collaborative effort of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (ANNS) and Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) to develop a national adult spine surgery registry.
  • Predictive Analytics in Adult Spinal Deformity, a program created by the collaboration of the International Spine Study Group (ISSG) and the European Spine Study group (ESSG) that provides a tool for risk stratification for complication predication in adult spine surgery.


Target Audience:

Spine surgeons (orthopaedic and neurological surgeons), residents, fellows, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants


Learning Objectives:

  1. The value of dashboard reporting with large, prospective registry comparative data
  2. The utility of quality improvement registries and benefits of participation
  3. The value of predictive analytics and machine learning in surgical outcomes
  4. How to become involved and the feasibility of participation
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